Exploring the life of 'leftover women'

Updated: 2011-04-26 07:55

By Chen Nan (China Daily)

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Exploring the life of 'leftover women'

Among the phenomena that have contributed to new words in the Chinese vocabulary, shengnu, or "leftover women", has become the subject matter of numerous films, novels and TV series.

Now comes the stage comedy, The Marriage of Qian Duoduo, adapted from a popular novel by Ren Haizhong.

Qian, played by Xie Chengying, a graduate of Shanghai Academy of Drama, is a typical shengnu - a single, well educated, highly-paid and independent urbanite in her 30s. She is under great pressure to marry from her parents and her married friends. She goes on blind dates every week, each of which turns into a bizarre experience.

The play revolves around Qian's inner voice that is supposed to speak for the modern Chinese single women. "She wants to get married but does not want to be led by others," director Zhou Xiaoqian says.

The story has two men - one is a family-oriented, budget-conscious man for whom Qian has no strong feelings; the other is more Qian's type but three years younger. Her parents prefer the one they call the "budget husband" as they believe he can give their daughter a stable life. See the play to find out what decision Qian takes when her feelings conflict with the views of parents.

The director says, "It's unfair to be categorized as a shengnu. Marriage doesn't have to obey any rules. One must follow one's heart to find the ideal person."

China Daily

Exploring the life of 'leftover women'



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