Turning trash into art treasures

Updated: 2011-04-25 07:59

By Wu Wencong (China Daily)

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 Turning trash into art treasures

A wedding gown made of paper, an old tablecloth and plastic net on show at an Earth Day event on April 23 in front of the Capital Library. Photos by Yan Xiaoqing / China Daily

 Turning trash into art treasures

Children make "insects" out of used plastic bottles. They will then be put in a 3D garden made of chipboard and plastics.

 Turning trash into art treasures

Roots and Shoots' intern Xia Shuang (left) with Wang Yang, an environmental volunteer dressed in clothes made from recycled materials.

 Turning trash into art treasures

Beijing Foreign Studies University student Maeve models a headpiece made of waste materials.

 Turning trash into art treasures

A model at a recycled fashion show on April 22 in Chaoyang Park. Zhang Tao / China Daily

Thousands of Beijing residents got into the green spirit last Friday to celebrate the 42nd World Earth Day.

During an event organized by Roots and Shoots, artists from China and the United States tried to convey the idea "no waste material is useless" by creating works made out of used paper and plastic.

A wedding gown made of paper, an old tablecloth and a plastic net used to protect packaged fruit was just one of the works on show outside the Capital Library.

"All waste can be turned into art if we make the best of their characteristics," said Cao Zuolan, who made the dress.

As the chief editor of a fashion magazine, Cao likes to design fashionable and environmentally friendly clothes in her spare time, but this was her first attempt at a wedding gown.

A 3D garden made by children and adults using chipboard, colorful plastic bags and used bottles was also on show.

"We can protect the Earth simply by producing less waste and growing more plants," said Stella Caban, a volunteer artist from Roots and Shoots.

The All-China Environment Federation organized another celebration in Chaoyang Park.

The two-hour event included songs, fashion shows and a quiz on environmental protection.

The federation also invited voluntary lawyers to respond to residents' questions regarding environmental public interest issues.

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