Small but yummy - snacks in Shanghai

Updated: 2011-03-10 14:12


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Refreshments and snacks from all over China and the world are available in Shanghai. Local snacks in Shanghai have their specialties and should not be missed.

Boiled Sliced Beancurd Leaf. It's a knots like snack made of beancurd leaf. After being boiled in water, the 'knots' are thrown into a pot of bone soup and added with seasoning.

Small but yummy - snacks in Shanghai 

Nanxiang Little Dumplings. The skin is half see-through due to a special kind of pot which is made out of bamboo.

Crispy Cake. It's fermented dough added with crispy materials. The colour and shape are extremely like cooked crab shell. Well-done crispy cake is very tasty, crispy and smells good.

Fried Steamed Bread is originated from Shanghai, with a crispy bottom, thin skin and delicious meat inside.

Small but yummy - snacks in Shanghai 

Gaoqiao Muffin has a sweet taste with crispiness, and is one of the four famous Gaoqiao snacks.

Kaiyang Spring Onion Oil Noodle is a special dish in Hubin Cake Store in Shanghai. It's also a famous snack in Town God Temple.

 Small but yummy - snacks in Shanghai

Green Rice Cake, which is a ball like rice caked added with herble juice. It tastes fresh and there will be a light fragrance in your mouth.

 Small but yummy - snacks in Shanghai

Round Pigeon Eggs. Don't worry. It's not really pigeon eggs. It's a famous shanghai snack which has a shape like a pigeon egg.

Tiaotou Pastry. It's made from sicky rice and made into squar shape, with slight sweetness and softness.


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