High steaks

Updated: 2011-03-06 07:46

By Li Xinzhu (China Daily)

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High steaks

 High steaks

Clockwise from top: Stone-grilled lamb chops, white chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet and foie gras black truffle torchon. Photos by Yong Kai / China Daily

High steaks


A glossy newcomer delivers meaty sensations and a terrific view with your meal, Li Xinzhu reports.

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars where you can spend a night out in downtown Shanghai. Among dozens of dazzling choices, The Strip Prime Steakhouse has recently grabbed gourmets' attention.

The restaurant was opened in 2010, owned by Geroge Chen, a San Francisco- and Shanghai-based restaurateur who also runs the Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse, a high-end US-style restaurant in Shanghai that opened in 2007.

The Strip Prime Steakhouse is located at the newly renovated Hong Kong Plaza, on the sixth and seventh floors of the brand-new Ascott - The Residence, with about 700-square-meter interior and a large terrace. Both levels offer panoramic city views of the Shanghai skyline, but pricing on the sixth floor is more accessible and encourages large groups to gather.

Nick Jin, executive chef at the restaurant, is a 16-year-veteran who learned from several Michelin-starred chefs. He believes the way to guarantee a tasty dish is to use the best quality of raw material.

For newcomers, the chef recommends foie gras as the starter. Instead of serving foie gras with jams, the chef pairs it with Chinese prickly ash oil and sweetens it with jujube juice. "A little spicy surprise," Jin says.

Foie gras is purchased from a place nearby Poyang Lack of Zhejiang province, an area famous for its fresh livestock. "We do not import frozen foie gras from France because I believe fresh materials always taste better," he says.

As the dish is steamed and roasted with port wine, the chef suggests diners start their meal with a glass of champagne.

Steaks are the most ordered main course at the restaurant. However, lamb and pork are also on the menu; the pork is imported from organic farms in the US, and the quality is good enough for the meat to be served rare, Jin says.

The chef also favors the stone-grilled lamb chops imported from New Zealand. Served with rice from the Middle East, eggplant-okra ragout, tomato and parsley, the aromatic dish's arrival at table is a treat. A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot is a recommended pairing; the wine list is extensive.

White chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet is a perfect choice for dessert.

As an American-style restaurant, dress code is flexible. However, Anil Rajan, service manager of the restaurant, says that diners usually dress more formally for the seventh floor's fine-dining experiences. Expect awe-inspiring views of Shanghai's famed Huaihai Lu area and easy access to the Xintiandi shopping and retail complex.

A lunch menu with special discounts is now available.

The price is 800 yuan ($122) per person on the seventh floor, and 200-300 yuan per person on the sixth floor. One of several special promotions: free-flowing champagne for women every Wednesday after 5 pm.


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