2011 hottest year in France for over a century

Updated: 2011-12-28 06:52


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PARISn - The year of 2011 is France's hottest year since the start of the 20th century with average temperatures being 1.5 degree Celsius higher than normal, local media reported on Tuesday.

According to figures from Meteo France, the national meteorological service, the country's average temperature in 2011 was 13.6 degree Celsius, 0.2 degree Celsius warmer than the previous hottest year, 2003, the radio RTL said.

"This year's spring was particularly warm with temperatures on average 4.0 degree Celsius warmer than usual in April," the RTL said, adding that autumn was also exceptionally mild.

Except for July when temperatures were 1.3 degree Celsius cooler than average, every month in 2011 was warmer.

"There was 20 percent less rainfall than usual, leading to farming being hit by drought in the summer months," the radio reported.