Medvedev vows to drown terrorists in their blood

Updated: 2011-02-22 22:46


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MOSCOW - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has vowed to drown those who "wants bloodsheds" into their own blood, local reports said on Tuesday.

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In a meeting with National Anti-terrorism Committee in the North Ossetian capital of Vladikavkaz, Medvedev pointed out that terrorism and extremism in Russia's North Caucasus could only be resolved through the regional social development, jobs creation, and supporting education.

"Who wants to change must have a chance to do it. Who wants bloodshed will drown in blood," Medvedev was quoted by local media as saying.

Meanwhile, he did not exclude the possibility foreign forces were behind terrorist activity in Russia.

"I am not going to point at any country but a number of states have something to do with terrorism," the president said.

Medvedev also demanded the heads of local authorities to inspect the security situation in their regions in person.

"All the heads must regularly visit (transportation) facilities in person to demonstrate that all those responsible (for security) are under control," Medvedev said.

He urged regional authorities to work proactively in fighting against terrorism. "One cannot place a policemen near every building," the president said.

Violence is common in the North Caucasus republics. The lingering tension of anti-terrorism in the Caucasus region has been threatening the countries' stability.


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