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Ukraine to ink association agreement with EU soon

Updated: 2011-02-09 09:25


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KIEV -- Ukraine's Foreign Ministry is very optimistic about tendencies of talks on signing an association agreement with the European Union soon, an official said on Monday.

"The Foreign Ministry are exerting all possible efforts to sign this agreement, giving great importance to its substantial content," Vasyl Filipchuk, director of the EU Department of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, told reporters in Kiev.

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According to him, technical preparatory works on the agreement signing may be started after both sides manage to balance their interests and Ukraine solves the most complex problems on the political level.

"The time frames now mean months, and not years, before the actual signing," he added.

Ukraine strives to protect its national interests in the framework of on-going talks on free trade zone with the EU, the diplomat stressed, adding that Ukraine had assumed more commitments than other countries in this matter.

"Ukraine is trying to work out a compromise with the EU's desire to protect their markets, especially in the sphere of agricultural production, but this is a priority sector for our country," said Filipchuk.

However, the diplomat expressed hope for the EU's understanding as well as reliance on "finding mutually beneficial balance" of both sides' interests.


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