EU envisages single phone number for EU businesses

Updated: 2010-12-07 08:51


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BRUSSELS - The European Union (EU) envisages launching a single Europe-wide phone number for EU businesses, the European Commission said on Monday.

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The commission on Monday launched a public consultation to determine whether the use of a single European phone number would benefit businesses in the EU.

"I urge all interested parties to help us formulate a policy that addresses the needs of businesses and provides more convenient access for consumers," Vice-President of the European Commission for the digital agenda Neelie Kroes said while outlining the difficulties for customers to contact businesses established in another EU member state.

A Europe-wide phone number could reinforce the EU's Single Market and develop effective customers' services, such as cross- border sales, access to after-sales and customer inquiry services in the whole bloc.

Two possible options could be envisaged, namely introducing an EU-wide short number reserved for businesses or introducing measures to encourage the take-up of an EU phone code access under the European Telephone Numbering Space (ETNS).


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