Way over the moon

Updated: 2011-09-09 14:26

By Zhang Xi (China Daily European Weekly)

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Legend of a love-sick immortal

The most told story about the Mid-Autumn festival is of Chang'e flying to the moon.

Chang'e and Hou Yi were a couple in ancient times, when 10 sons of the God became 10 suns in the sky to intentionally scorch the earth. Hou Yi, a master of archery, could not bear to see humans suffering so shot down nine suns. Later he was given magic pills by a goddess as a reward.

What he failed to tell his wife Chang'e was that if they both took the elixir together they would become immortal. Chang'e, overcome with curiosity, took the pill while Hou Yi was away.

Having taken the elixir alone, her body became light and she was carried away to the moon. She became an immortal but was forced to live on the moon, alone forever.

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Way over the moon

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