Preview of the coming issue

Updated: 2011-06-22 17:46


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Here is a preview of the major articles in the coming issue of China Daily European Weekly due to be published on Friday, July 1.

Unfair trade wars: China is fully justified in restricting market access to certain sectors, analysts say.

Green makeover: Cleanup of Xi'an wasteland pays off for ancient city.

Shining through: Chinese fireworks overcome cloudy times.

Warrior redux: Lintong district of Xi'an helps terracotta army find its way into people's homes.

The tusk at hand: Rich Chinese collectors are pushing up ivory carving prices.

Spirit of innovation: Italian ambassador wants China to know his homeland is source of creative business.

Readers can get access to the stories by getting a copy of the newspaper at a European news stand or by visiting


Franchise heat

Foreign companies see huge opportunities for business

Stitched up for success
The king's speech
Tough sail

European Edition


Premier Wen's European Visit

Premier Wen visits Hungary, Britain and Germany June 24-28.

My China story

Foreign readers are invited to share your China stories.

Singing up a revolution

Welshman makes a good living with songs that recall the fervor of China's New Beginning.

Vice-President visits Italy
Sky is the limit
Quest for green growth