China Daily stands tall among other media

Updated: 2011-02-18 11:18

By Zhang Chunyan and Zhang Hazihou (China Daily European Weekly)

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Newspaper group has key role in shaping economic landscape, London FDI agency says

Even as more Chinese companies are spreading their wings in the United Kingdom, there have been several others that are playing a critical role in shaping London's economic landscape.

Think London, the foreign direct investment agency for London, came out with an exclusive list of 100 international companies in February that add real value to the capital and future prosperity of London.

China Daily, China's leading

English-language newspaper, figures prominently in the list of "The

Think London 100 Companies to Watch".

"We have chosen China Daily as it's the only English language national newspaper and we are impressed by its international growth plans," says Liz McFarland, Head of Marketing at Think London.

China Daily launched its European Weekly on Dec 3, 2010, as part of its goal of being a newspaper that provides a window for China to the rest of the world.

Published in London and Brussels, the weekly covers news on politics, business, culture and society. It also delivers in-depth analysis on news and issues that are of interest to European and Chinese readers.

China Daily European Weekly is available through newsagents and distributors in most of the major European cities.

Besides China Daily, there are 13 other Chinese companies in the list. These include Bank of China, UnionPay, China Mobile, China Telecom (Europe),, the world's largest business-to-business online marketplace, and Crystal CG China, China's largest computer graphics development and application company.

China Daily and most of the Chinese companies are defined by Think London as the "Go-ahead Globalisers" group.

"Having set up vital operations in London, these companies are driving rapid and successful growth in markets and territories across the globe," the agency says.

According to Think London, the international companies on the list have been split into eight "archetypes": Industry Innovators, Go-ahead Globalisers, Green Pioneers, Niche and Nimble, Knowledge Champions, Intelligent Optimisers, Flagships and Great Inventions.

There are more than 400 Chinese investments in the UK, according to unofficial statistics, with most of them in London.

Most of the earlier Chinese investments were in the food industry, and typically involved restaurant openings and take-away shops.

That pattern of investment has now changed, with funds flowing into other innovative sectors like financial services, and healthcare.

China Liangtse, a traditional Chinese wellness company, recently enhanced its investment in the UK healthcare sector by opening a branch in central London's Kensington High Street.

It was also the first Chinese investment in the UK this year.

The fascination with London also has its roots in the city's international feel.

Most of the companies that are based in London are owned by overseas companies.

Prominent among these are United States companies like Microsoft European Search Technology Centre and Google, Japan's Canon Europe, Germany's Siemens, Swiss watch giant Swatch Group, South Korean conglomerate LG Electronics and Indian banking giant ICICI Bank.

The list also showcases some of London's greatest inward investment successes and provides a snapshot on Think London's role in helping overseas companies set up shop in London.

"While we've helped thousands of companies over the years, we think that these 100 organizations deserve particular recognition in our first 'Think London 100 Companies to Watch'," says Michael Charlton, chief executive of Think London.

"In our opinion, they are revolutionizing the way things are done in the city and will help shape the capital's economy for several years," Charlton says.


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