Troubled prodigy

Updated: 2013-05-09 09:15

(China Daily)

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Troubled prodigy

Li Chuanyun says he is a depressed person in life so he pours his personal emotions onto the stage. Zou Hong / China Daily

He once joked that his mother is like Empress Dowager Cixi, taking care of and controlling everything. He is just responsible for playing music.

"I am not good-looking. I hope I can be as handsome as Lang Lang or Li Yundi," he says. "But I am just not good at managing myself."

His sentimentality extends into his performance, which has led to people giving him labels such as "crazy" and "unbridled".

When he plays with his dog, named Cello, he is as innocent as a child. However, when he plays the violin, he changes into another person. Most people have to think about the technique but he just plays.

His performances can be stormy or delicate, often characterized by an eclectic and spontaneous style.

"I am a depressed person in life so I pour my personal emotions onto the stage," Li says.

In a 2009 concert, he performed Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole with his usual arrogant and intoxicating interpretation. His wild performance even made him fall down on the stage and throw his bow.

"I guess it's just like a rock star crushing his guitar on the stage," he says.

Violin master Ruggiero Ricci once commented on Li's performance: "This boy should make a good career. He's got good breeding. He's intuitive. He has temperament. He has a lot of temperament. It's strong. And temperament is very important. So he's got all the requisites."