Box office smash: 'So Young', so successful

Updated: 2013-05-06 15:33


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Box office smash: 'So Young', so successful

Since the end of last year, China's domestic film market has continued to break box office records. This time around, low-budget romance "So Young" is creating quite a stir, taking a staggering 350 million yuan in its first week.(CNTV)

This is Zhao Wei's first time behind the camera. As the box office figures hold strong, she says she has a promise to keep.

Zhao Wei, Director, "So Young", said, "The cast have asked me to treat to a vacation tour if the box office takings are good. They want to go to the Maldives. I promised that. There are some twenty people in all. Maybe we'll shoot Journal of So Young on tour on the way."

However, after her initial success, Zhao Wei says she's in no hurry to direct again. It seems that the star would still rather appear on camera than sit behind it.

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