'Hunger Games', 'Hobbit': most-anticipated films

Updated: 2013-01-04 10:32


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The heavy dose of franchise films on the list indicates how familiarity can build buzz among moviegoers, Karger said.

"In the case of 'The Hunger Games', many people who loved the movie have read the other books so they're excited to see it brought to life," he said. "The same with 'The Hobbit' too.

"Some people say, 'Where is the originality?' but the fact of the matter is that these franchises are what people get most jazzed about."

'Hunger Games', 'Hobbit': most-anticipated films

 Mila Kunis named 'sexiest woman alive'

'Hunger Games', 'Hobbit': most-anticipated films

Channing Tatum: sexiest man alive 

The survey also asked film fans to vote on the sexiest man and woman on the big screen in 2013, as well as best villain, breakout stars and best apocalyptic films.

Mila Kunis, who stars in upcoming film "Oz: The Great and Powerful," was voted sexiest actress, while Channing Tatum was voted sexiest man for Paramount's "G.I. Joe: Retaliation". Both films are set for March releases.

Ben Kingsley ("Iron Man 3") was voted most-anticipated villain, and June's zombie thriller "World War Z" starring Brad Pitt was voted most-anticipated apocalyptic film.

British actress Alice Eve was voted biggest breakout actress for "Star Trek" while fellow Brit Henry Cavill got the nod as biggest breakout actor for playing Superman opposite Russell Crowe and Amy Adams in "Man of Steel," which will be released in June.

'Hunger Games', 'Hobbit': most-anticipated films

'Hunger Games', 'Hobbit': most-anticipated films

'Hunger Games', 'Hobbit': most-anticipated films

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