2012's top 10 cinematic sensations

Updated: 2013-01-04 09:59

By Liu Wei (China Daily)

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Painted Skin: The Resurrection

2012's top 10 cinematic sensations

This sequel by Wuershan raked in almost 700 million yuan at the domestic box office.

As one of the highest-grossing domestic films ever, it has every eye-popping element today's blockbusters can boast of: a stellar cast, big budget, abundant special effects and intense action scenes.

Although film critics don't give the artistic quality much credit, it qualifies as possessing the necessary elements of a commercial hit. With its release date on June 28 - the summer holiday - and strong social and traditional media marketing, the film's success has inspired many who seek box office glory.

The Last Supper

2012's top 10 cinematic sensations

Viewers split into the love-it and hate-it camps on this film. It's an uneven work that reminds viewers of Shakespeare's stage dramas and Akira Kurosawa's creations in terms of setting and dialogue.

Some parts shine with wit, but others are boring and tedious. Director Lu Chuan's ambition and courage in exploring a dictator's inner world is obvious, but the mission occasionally appears to be beyond his talent.

Lead actor Liu Ye isn't appropriate in age or acting to truly portray the complicated protagonist, while the supporting characters are flat.

2012's top 10 cinematic sensations

2012's top 10 cinematic sensations

The grave side

Muddy waters 

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