Mick Jagger dances to keep fit

Updated: 2011-09-25 14:14


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Mick Jagger dances to keep fit

Sir Mick Jagger goes clubbing to stay in shape.

The 68-year-old Rolling Stones frontman keeps fit for the sake of his career, but insists he has no specific diet or exercise regime as he thinks training too hard would be bad for him.

He said: "I have very good genes and I don't put on weight. I still have a drink. I am not a fanatic about being in the gym for hours or pounding the pavements as that's detrimental.

"If you are not doing shows then you have to keep up a certain level of fitness or there's no going back. Five times a week you have to do half an hour biking or in the gym.

"But dancing is really good and more fun than being in a gym. I go out clubbing."

Even if Mick - who has been dating designer L'Wren Scott since 2001 - finds himself in a place where he is unable to go out, he makes the most of where he is and is happy to dance alone at home.

The father-of-seven added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: "If you are in the country with nowhere to go, you just clear the furniture away and have a dance. That's as good for you as going out to the gym and working out on a bike.

"You put the music on, blast out a few of your favourite tunes and have half an hour dancing. But no stopping.

"You do have to take the missus out as well, of course."


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