Chen Liyuan sings about home

Updated: 2011-09-09 17:11

By Cindy Gu (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Chen Liyuan sings about home

Chinese singer Chen Liyuan. [Photo/fun.hsw.cn]

Chen Liyuan, a young soloist from China Coal Mind Art Troupe, announced the release of her first album "The Moon Homeland" in Beijing.

Chen, known for her physical resemblance to famous Chinese singer Song Zuying, studied under Meng Ling of People's Liberation Army Institute of Arts and Jin Tielin of China Conservatory of Music.

Chen's new record was created by CA&VA RC (Beijing), published by China Record Shenzhen Corporation and released by Starwin Culture Communication.

Produced by the renowned music producer Zou Tiefu, the new record has 13 tracks including original songs and classic tunes. "Home" was the theme of the album and Chen sang mostly about the scenery and longing for one's hometown. Chen was praised for her mastery of techniques and emotion put into her renditions of the tracks.

Chen performed "The moon homeland" and showed its music video at the event. The video will be aired on CCTV-3 (Entertainment) and CCTV-15 (Music) channels soon.

Chen hopes that the release of her album will spur reflections and thoughts for people away from their homes during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival - a traditional Chinese festival that celebrates reunions- just like her.

She also wished to send her best wishes to those who cannot return home through her passion and devotion to music.


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