Westlife meets East in Middle Kingdom

Updated: 2011-09-09 08:34

(China Daily)

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 Westlife meets East in Middle Kingdom

Westlife's soft love ballads have been a big hit with Chinese youth. [Provided to China Daily]

Mega boy band Westlife is about to sweep through the Chinese mainland for the second time, after their successful tour in 2006.

Boy bands, with their crooning love-ballads and wholesome image, have been a major attraction for China's youth, and five years ago Westlife had more than 50,000 fans.

The group's army of supporters has grown, and the concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are almost sold out.

The band was formed in 1997 and have sold more than 44 million records worldwide. They have garnered 14 number one singles in the United Kingdom, the third-highest in UK history, tying with Cliff Richard and trailing behind only Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Dates and venues:

Sept 21, Shanghai Grand Stage

Sept 23, Guangzhou International Sports Arena

Sept 25, Beijing Mastercard Centre (Formerly Wukesong Arena)

Sept 27, Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo

Website: http://www.westlife.com


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