Stay stylish at festivals

Updated: 2011-08-22 13:56


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Stay stylish at festivals

Although we're heading towards the end of festival season, there's still plenty of music events to look forward to and looking stylish while ploughing your way through a field of mud has never been easier.

While we all know there is staple of clothes and accessories every girl should take to a festival - denim shorts, light tops wellington boots, hat, sunglasses, dresses and a waterproof jacket - another essential item is good cleansing wipes.

Organic Surge do a great a range of wipes, which not only take off festival make-up, but refresh and moisturise the skin in one sweep - perfect after a long day in an area where running water is scarce. They're also biodegradable, so they're practical as well as environmentally-friendly.

A good hydrating facial mist is also important to as it stops your skin from drying out as well as giving a perfect finish to your make-up application and Vani-T's Multi-Vitamin Facial Mist is ideal for this.

Another essential is a lip balm with an SPF in, which helps protect your lips from the sun and keep them soft and smooth and Lypsyl's new range is perfect. They come in five different formats, suiting everyone's wants and needs.

Finally a bit of Lee Stafford Spray Shine helps keeps locks looking fresh, while bright nail varnishes from myface.cosmetics add the touch of fun and glamour that every festival-goer needs.


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