International ecoethnofestival kicks off near Almaty, Kazakhstan

Updated: 2011-08-08 09:11


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The Second International ecoethnofestival "Four E" -- environmental and ethnic emotional evolution, on Friday started in Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains near the southern Kazakh city of Almaty.

The territory of the festival is divided into themed colored zones on the basis of the four "E". For example, the orange zone ( ethno) is a place for musicians performing ethnic music.

"Musical performance taking place on two stages: a big stage for professional artists and bands, small one for amateurs. Musicians from Kazakhstan, Russia, India and Mongolia will take part in the concerts," said organizers.

Green zone (eco) is a creativity area. Master classes of handmade batik, painting and drawing held here. And also goods from India, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, such as ceramics, jewelry, ethnic clothes and felt can be purchased.

Purple (evolution) -- territory of training and bodily practices: yoga, psychological seminars by leading experts from Kazakhstan and invited guests.

And finally, the pink zone (emotions) is a playground for children, where there will be organized school drawing, sculpting and weaving lessons, drawing on the sand, children's competitions and role play.

According to the organizers, unusual festival attracts many people who likes wildlife, leads a healthy lifestyle and are interested in a harmonious development of personality.

The open air festival will last three days.


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