Avril Lavigne to Headline Beijing Music Festival

Updated: 2011-04-02 14:59


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Avril Lavigne to Headline Beijing Music Festival

Beijing will host a world class music festival in Pinggu District, featuring performances by international music sensations, from Apr 30 to May 1.

During the China Music Valley International Festival, music, the most popular feature, will be used as a medium to talk with the world and as a greater strategy of city branding.

The two-day event will open at Music Valley in Beijing's suburb of Pinggu, a new base for the music industry.

Supported by local government, this festival will size up to an grand music feast, featuring a powerful line-up including Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, US actress-turned-singer Juliette Lewis, rock band Hot Hot Heat and English electro-pop singer, Little Boots.

Apart from established and emerging musical talents in the mainland, pub queen Tiger Huang and F.I.R band from Taiwan are also on the list.

Gehua Live Nation, which organized Eagles' and Dylan's concert in March and in April, is organizing the event.

The festival will prepare some food of Chinese specialty and local food from farmers to festival goers. Over 100 shuttle buses will be arranged to facilitate transportation for the event.

Place: Beijing Yuyang International Ski Resort        Fare: Two days pass-380 RMB

Per day pass-260 RMB

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