Taiwan Composer Chen Chih-yuan Dies

Updated: 2011-03-18 11:01


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Taiwan Composer Chen Chih-yuan Dies

Taiwan legendary composer Chen Chih-yuan

Renowned Taiwan legendary composer Chen Chih-yuan passed away at the age of 62 in Taipei after losing a seven-year-long battle with cancer on Wednesday afternoon, March 16, 2011.

Chen was hospitalized this February due to the worsening of his illness, media reports disclosed.As a prolific musician with more than 2,000 works to his name, Chen was well known for composing songs like "A Grateful Heart" and "Follow Your Feelings".

The great master won Best Composer Award at the 14th Golden Melody Awards in 2003 and was crowned with a Lifetime Contribution Award on the 19th Golden Melody Awards in 2008.

Dubbed as a wacko doctor in music, Chen ranked among the first generation of Taiwan-based composers, who started his lifelong exploration of music in the early 1980s when the pop scene was just taking shape.

Pop singer Wu Bai once commented they are very reverent of Chen, who could write a song in ten minutes and improvise in the studio.

Other noted works by Chen that helped to propel many singers to become pop sensations, include Dave Wong's "Do I Really Have Nothing", "A Game A Dream", Julie Su Rui's hit song, "Follow Your Feelings" in late 1980s and Sandy Lam's debut release, "Home Again without You" in 1991.

Reportedly, singer-actor Huang Lei, who gained an acquaintance with the composer via several collaborations, flew to Taipei last week for a visit, which turned out to be their last meeting.

Famous singer Jiang Yuheng with his first album release composed by Chen, was grieving upon hearing the bad news and recalled their time spent together, saying all people who love music will remember him.


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