Ed Westwick believes in instant love

Updated: 2011-02-06 10:15


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Ed Westwick believes in instant love

Ed Westwick believes in love at first sight.

The 'Gossip Girl' star - who is believed to have previously dated co-stars Jessica Szohr and Leighton Meester in the past - is a strong believer in "intoxicating" love, but does believe a lasting relationship has to be based on more than lust.

He said: "It's incredible, it's intoxicating. To fall in love with someone at first sight is fine, but in order to have a working relationship you need to realise that love is just one thing in a whole relationship."

The 23-year-old star has previously revealed he has a crush on singer Cheryl Cole, but he now believes too many men are interested in the British star - who has been romantically linked with Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am and dancer Derek Hough since splitting from now ex-husband Ashley Cole last year - and thinks she may need some time away from the spotlight.

He told Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "Everyone is obsessed with her right now so it's freaking me out. I think she needs to chill out, disappear and give me a call."

Discussing his dating style, the handsome star reveals he likes to be confident but not cocky.

He said: "You have to have a degree of confidence. I'm not uber-confident in that respect, but if you like someone you've got to go for it because if you don't ask, you'll never know."

The full interview with Ed is available to read in Cosmopolitan magazine from 7 February.


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