Collected works of Dr. H.S. Tsien

Updated: 2012-04-17 15:57


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Collected works of Dr. H.S. Tsien

Collected works of Dr. H.S. Tsien (1938-1956), Elsevier and Shanghai Jiaotong University Press

With 51 of Tsien's works published from 1938 to 1956 when he was studying and working in the United States as a graduate student, scientist and professor, the collections addresses problems in areas including aerodynamics, stability of shells, rocket ballistics, and engine analysis, illustrating the pioneering contributions he made to fields such as jet propulsion, engineering cybernetics, physical mechanics and the engineering sciences. The book shows the mutual exchanges in a special area between China and the US, brought out by two presses who had co-worked on former chairman Jiang Zemin's scientific monographes.