Yan's works in english

Updated: 2011-12-16 15:53

(China Daily)

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The Lost Daughter of Happiness

Yan's works in english

Fusang, a 20-year-old woman, is kidnapped from her village in China, taken to San Francisco and sold into prostitution. Soon she becomes caught up between two men: a 12-year-old white boy named Chris and the murderous pimp Da Yong.

White Snake and Other Stories

This is a collection of one novella and five short stories. In the title novella White Snake, dancer Sun Likun is imprisoned during the "cultural revolution" (1966-1976). Worn out by time and imprisonment, she begins to receive visits from a mysterious commissar, who resuscitates her old self and erotic desire. But she gradually finds out that he is a woman in disguise. Short story Celestial Bath tells a sad and tender tale of educated youth Wen Xiu, who is sent to the countryside to work with herdsman Lao Jin and sinks into prostitution in a desperate attempt to return to the city.

The Banquet Bug (published as The Uninvited in the UK)

Yan's works in english

Laid-off factory worker Dan Dong goes to a fancy hotel in Beijing for a job interview as a security guard. But he is mistaken for a journalist and ushered into a banquet where he hears a presentation, eats a sumptuous meal and then receives an envelope full of cash for favorable media coverage. He then continues to pose as a journalist, eats banquets and collects the cash. But the secrets he overhears at these events eventually lead him down an intrigue-laden path.