What hanban does

Updated: 2011-09-25 14:52

(China Daily)

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1. To make policies and development plans for promoting the Chinese language internationally under the leadership of the Chinese Language Council International

2. To support Chinese language programs at educational institutions in other countries

3. To guide the General Headquarters of Confucius Institute in the establishment of Confucius Institutes

4. To set down criteria for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and undertake due evaluations; to develop and promote Chinese language teaching materials

5. To set down the certification standards for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language and to undertake due trainings; to send Chinese teachers and volunteers on missions abroad; to provide certification examination for teaching Chinese as a foreign language

6. To set down criteria for establishing websites of Chinese teaching as a foreign language and to build a website platform for access to relevant resources

7. To develop and promote different varieties of Chinese tests as a foreign language


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