Children’s books grace fair in Beijing

Updated: 2011-01-12 15:30


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During the Beijing Book Fair, Children's books created from cartoons and involving games are attracting much attention. Sharing ideas after reading books has also become a trend among young readers.

A newly published children's series by Sichuan Children's Publishing House is gaining much attention. This series includes China's top eleven children's authors. When little readers open this series, they will first see lively artistic illustrations, which makes the story jump to life. The director of the publishing house, said locally written books have been gaining popularity among Chinese readers.

The China Children's Press and Publication has recently published 100 classic books, which will remind the past three generations of their childhood memories.

Books generated from famous cartoon series or games are attracting great attention by readers. It has become a market niche for publishers.

Writing does not exclusively belong to professional authors. Anyone can use their imagination and writing skills to create a well loved story. This fact should encourage others to write.

Ni Ping, who is a famous anchor, wrote a book detailing many of her grandmother's traditional sayings.

Ni Ping, said, "You may have heard so many times about the sayings in the book, but we may not pay much attention to it. But when you really stop and think carefully, you will find those old sayings can really help you during your life journey if you really take them to heart."

Those kind of books which share personal opinions have been a great portion in the book market. They bring readers different perspectives on life. A travel guide author said, if you want to capture the essence of a city, you have to investigate every aspect. This is the best way to learn about a city you're not familiar with.

The Beijing Book Fair will conclude on Tuesday this week at China International Exhibition Center.


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