Hukou hits and misses

Updated: 2016-11-09 07:43

By Du Juan(China Daily)

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Children with Beijing hukou can attend local public primary schools at no cost.

Children without hukou have to pay between 20,000 yuan ($2,950) and 250,000 yuan to qualify for enrollment at public primary schools.

The children of wealthy parents can attend private international schools at an annual cost of 90,000 yuan to 240,000 yuan.

Medical care

Premier hospitals in the capital will only accept expectant mothers with hukou in the district where the hospital is located. Natural births are free, but a cesarean section costs about 2,000 yuan.

Pregnant women without hukou have to return to their hometowns to obtain permission to give birth in the capital. If permission is granted, they can only attend public hospitals in suburban districts.

Wealthy people without hukou can have a natural birth at a private hospital in Beijing for about 35,000 yuan, while a c-section costs 50,000 yuan.

(China Daily 11/09/2016 page6)