Central gov't HK office regrets veto of universal suffrage motion

Updated: 2015-06-18 20:37


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HONG KONG -- The liaison office of the central government in Hong Kong expressed regret Thursday on Hong Kong legislators' veto of a universal suffrage motion.

"We are disappointed at the veto, as are majority of Hong Kong citizens," read a statement from the office released following the veto.

The motion to elect Hong Kong's next leader in 2017 by public vote failed to gain a two-thirds majority at the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) legislative council Thursday.

The liaison office stated that the universal suffrage package, upholding democracy, openness, fairness and justice, is an electoral arrangement that perfectly suits Hong Kong's actual conditions.

The mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong was for the motion to pass, to make a historic step forward in Hong Kong's democratic journey, the statement went on.

However, a small number of legislators vetoed the motion, against most citizens' will, costing Hong Kong a valuable chance to realize "one person, one vote," the office said, asserting that "those who vetoed have to bear historical accountability."

The central government, the SAR government and Hong Kong's people have worked tirelessly to promote democracy and universal suffrage over the years. Nevertheless, the office expressed confidence in Hong Kong's prosperity and stability under the "one country, two systems."

The liaison office also called for Hong Kong citizens to put aside political bickering, and to pool their efforts in developing their economy, improving people's livelihoods, and promoting social stability.