Driver of overturned car linked to 2009 fatal wreck

Updated: 2014-05-05 08:49

(China Daily)

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Hu Bin, who caused the death of a 25-year-old pedestrian in 2009 while speeding, reportedly was involved in another traffic accident possibly caused by misoperation in Hangzhou.

Hu, 25, was identified as the driver in a car accident on Friday that resulted in the car overturning while passing a detour area on a mountain road in Hangzhou's West Lake scenic area at 10:30 pm. Since it was late at night, no passers-by were at the scene.

Tao Wei, a police officer in charge of the case, said the car was partially damaged, with airbags deployed and a front hub twisted. He confirmed a young man surnamed Hu was standing beside the car and claimed to be the driver.

"The driver was not injured. He has a legal driver's license and there was no sign of drunken driving, either," Tao said.

He said it was still under investigation whether the vehicle was speeding when the accident occurred, but added that the possible cause was improper operation by the driver.

Tao did not disclose directly that the driver was the same one who caused a fatal car accident on May 7, 2009. An anonymous source from the city's traffic police department confirmed that the driver is the same Hu Bin.

In 2009, Hu's car hit Tan Zhuo, a student at Zhejiang University, in a crosswalk in the city. Tan died at the scene, and the speed of Hu's car was estimated at 84 to 101 kph.

Hu was sentenced to three years in prison and his driver's license was revoked. His prison term was reduced later because of performance in prison.

Under traffic law, drivers who cause deaths in car accidents are allowed to apply for a driver's license again two years after revocation. The traffic police source said Hu received his second driver's license in December 2011.

Ying Huanhong, a researcher at the Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, said there should be a regulation to ban drivers like Hu from driving again.

"The current law only bans hit-and-run drivers from getting licenses again. However, drivers like Hu who cause severe traffic accidents also endanger other people's lives," Ying said.

Jiang Wei, an alumna of Zhejiang University who was an acquaintance of Tan's, said she was outraged when she heard the news.

"I believe many people still remember Hu's confession in court five years ago, saying that he would feel guilty for the rest of his life. People like him should never be allowed to drive again," she said.


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