HK protests a disturbing trend

Updated: 2014-04-28 07:20

By Liang Liren (China Daily)

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In the past, Hong Kong's economy was driven mainly by finance, trade and real estate. And since these sectors were controlled by social elites, a handful of people lorded over the major part of the social wealth. By creating more jobs, especially for people not highly educated, the tourism sector has restored some balance in social wealth distribution. The IVS has played a major role in revitalizing the tourism industry and regulating the social division of labor.

By calling mainland shoppers "locusts", the protestors have exposed their ignorance about their mainland compatriots. Accepted, mainland tourists have strong consumption power. But by doing so, they energize the local economy of the places they visit, and Hong Kong is no exception. Mainland tourists are more like bees, pollinating Hong Kong's economy so that it can bloom. By trying to drive off mainland tourists, the protestors are rocking the local economy's boat, which could cost many people their jobs.

Some Hong Kong residents have also suggested various schemes to reduce the number of mainland tourists visiting the region. It would be naive to assume these people don't know anything about Hong Kong's social and economic reality. Which means they are inciting trouble not in the interest of Hong Kong residents but with an ulterior political motive.

With the support of anti-China forces from abroad, many of these people are trying to sow the seed of discord between Hong Kong and the mainland, and hoping to eventually seize the "sovereignty" of Hong Kong and realize "Hong Kong's independence". They disguise themselves as fighters for democracy, use so-called genuine universal suffrage to conceal their real intention, and spread falsities saying present day Hong Kong is not as good as it was in the past to gain public support. Their aim is to deceive the public into supporting them to split Hong Kong from the motherland.

Sensible Hong Kong residents should not see the "anti-locust" campaign as an isolated event where some Machiavellian elements are blowing off steam, because tolerating such acts could create a false impression that the government is in the wrong. A small-scale protest could turn into a major social turmoil - the socio-political turbulence in Thailand and Ukraine today could be seen in Hong Kong tomorrow. Of course, the central government is fully capable of controlling any situation, but it is always better to take preventive measures.

Hong Kong residents love democracy and attach great importance to freedom of speech. And they detest political wrangling and social unrest. Therefore, it's time the government warned political careerists to abandon their evil designs. The government has to maintain public order and safeguard citizens' life and livelihood. Else, some people will have a real reason to complain that "the present is not as good as the past".

The author is a Hong Kong media commentator.

(China Daily 04/28/2014 page11)

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