Trending news across China on Sept 29

Updated: 2013-09-29 11:36


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Roller coaster hiccup

Trending news across China on Sept 29

Tourists had to walk 60 meters down from a roller coaster after being suspended in the air on Saturday due to a glitch which stopped the spiraling ride at Happy Valley, an amusement park in Shanghai, turning a fun-filled ride into a frightening one. All 28 trapped passengers were safely evacuated, according to park officials. The roller coaster has been temporarily shut down for further inspections in preparation for the heavy tourist flow which is expected during the upcoming seven-day National Day holidays. (

Love miracle

Trending news across China on Sept 29
They say love can move mountains, but in reality love moved an invalid. Jiang Yuanyi has helped his wife Liao Chongqiong, who became paralyzed and mute from an accident four years ago, to walk and talk as a result of his incessant talking to her, while helping her eat and dressing her. Liao began mumbling words last December and began to take small steps in August. Liao's progress has been seen as a kind of miracle which has touched their neighborhood in Dianjiang county, Chongqing municipality, according to Chongqing Business Daily.

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