Trending news across China on Sept 8

Updated: 2013-09-08 15:16


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CCTV host flubs Olympic bid results, mooncakes see lower sales, and a Taiwan director wins the Grand Jury Prize in Venice – it's all trending in China.

Olympics faux pas

Trending news across China on Sept 8

Two State media outlets were red-faced early Sunday for gaffes over the 2020 Summer Olympics bid results.

A host from China Central Television misunderstood the voting results and said Tokyo was eliminated. also got caught after mistakenly announcing Istanbul was the host before the International Olympic Committee announced the real winner – Tokyo.

The Japanese capital addressed concerns over the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant and won convincingly by 60 votes to Istanbul's 36.

Duck makeover

Trending news across China on Sept 8 

The popular giant rubber duck underwent "plastic surgery" with its pout changed from a puffy shape to a milder one following visitor complaints that the duck didn't look like the Hong Kong version at its debut in Beijing, according to

Shopping row

Trending news across China on Sept 8 


A Taiwan tour guide beat his mainland counterpart on Friday because the latter refused to coax mainland tourists into shopping, a common practice for tour guides to earn money, Taiwan-based TVBS reported. The mainland tour guide, surnamed Dong, was sent to hospital after the brawl. Dong said he would file a lawsuit.

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