Trending news across China on Sept 6

Updated: 2013-09-06 10:01


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Ni Hao? Apparently 30% can not speak Mandarin. And heard about the cop that gave another cop a ticket – it's all trending across China.

Diet 235 kg

Trending news across China on Sept 6

Wen Bishan, a 38-year-old resident in Guangxi lost 235 kilograms to size down to 132 kilograms within four months by removing 90 percent of his stomach, reported. "I am so happy Finally I can buy my favorite clothes now," he said with a normal blood pressure and blood glucose.

Fair cop

A policeman in Haikou, Hainan province tore up a parking ticket while swearing shortly after he was fined for parking his car on the roadside by traffic police on Wednesday, reported. His rude behavior triggered a huge buzz online.

Mandarin 70%

A total of 400 million Chinese people, or 30 percent of Chinese residents cannot speak Mandarin, according to the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

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