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Updated: 2013-08-28 10:06


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Mud office

Government officials in Lushi county, Henan province have been working in houses made from mud and brick for nearly 60 years, reported.

Local officials said there is no timeline for reconstruction since central authorities introduced a five-year ban on the construction of new government buildings as part of an ongoing frugality campaign.

Crab vending

Residents in Nanjing now can buy live crabs from vending machines at metro stations, reported. The machines keep the temperature just right to keep the crabs alive, but if customers end up buying a dead crab they will be compensated with another three live ones.

Toilet rose

A 50-year-old husband in Guangzhou expressed his love for his young wife by squeezing 6,000 roses into toilet bowls, reported. The husband believed his way of expressing his love was special as his wife is a famous art designer of ceramics.

Bonny babies

Trending news across ChinaTrending news across China

Chinese social network Douban is encouraging users to upload their embarrassing and hilarious childhood photos to share with others.

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