US men make bike out of bamboo

Updated: 2013-07-15 20:18


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Two American cycling enthusiasts in Chengdu, Sichuan province, have made a bicycle out of bamboo, Chengdu Daily reported on Friday.

Larry Adamson and Jacob Klink have biked about 300 kilometers on their handmade bamboo bicycle in Chengdu and "not found any problems with it", Adamson was quoted as saying.

The wheel rim and tires are the only parts of the bicycle not made of bamboo.

The two men took the challenge after a customer came to their cycling shop in Chengdu and asked for a bamboo bicycle that is light and environmentally friendly.

Before making the bicycle, Adamson, who has a background in biology, studied various kinds of bamboo in China and also received many tips from local farmers on how to make full use of the plant.

"For example, to build the bicycle frame, you must use the mottled bamboo, which is more resilient than other kinds," Adamson told Chengdu Daily.

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