Fight terrorism with powerful measures

Updated: 2013-06-29 20:23


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(Translated from a People’s Daily commentary)

Terrorists slaughtered 24 people in a remote township of Shanshan county, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on the morning of June 26.

The terrorists chopped people up in the streets with broadswords, attacked local public security stations and government buildings, and set fire to police vehicles. Such violence, which has grave consequences on society, is absolutely intolerable. We must act quickly and take powerful measures to deal a heavy blow to violent crimes in order to maintain social stability.

This was a severely violent terrorist attack. Innocent lives were lost, leaving their families in deep grief. The incident also threatens social stability. Among the victims, 16 were Uygur people. The terrorists intend to bring disaster to all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. They are destroying the order of society and challenging the baseline of human civilization. Terrorists are the enemy of all peace-loving people and nations.

They are trampling the law. Tolerance toward them is harmful to people. The terrorist crimes ignore basic human rights, destroy human morality and justice through brutal means, causing grave harm. We must be resolute in fighting terrorist crimes. We must also take preemptive measures against terrorists. Any law violators, separatists, terrorists and extremists must be lawfully dealt with. We must punish the criminals who dare to defy the law and commit brutal crimes with due force, without mercy, to protect people’s life and property, maintain social stability and defend legal sanctity.

The bloody violence warns us that preventative measures against the crime heads and root causes are necessary.

The fundamental interests of all people living in Xinjiang lie in social stability. We should mobilize all of the ethnic groups and resources to start a fight against terrorists, who will find nowhere to hide and nowhere to go.

Social turmoil is a disaster for people in Xinjiang. The violent terrorist criminal incidents cannot stop the progress of Xinjiang’s reform and construction or sway people’s determination and confidence in promoting development and maintaining stability.

This tragedy will let more people make a clear distinction between right and wrong and unite the people to consolidate Xinjiang’s development momentum and social stability.

Any force’s deliberate sabotage will end up in failure and shame.