HK border security lights blamed for disturbing sleep

Updated: 2013-06-08 18:47


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Dozens of Shenzhen residents have been complaining about the intensive light rays coming from the Hong Kong side of the Shenzhen River for weeks, according to the Guangzhou-based newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily.

High-intensity lights, which were added last month to bolster security along a stretch of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border, have reportedly been affecting "thousands of households" in a densely populated residential area of Shenzhen, said the newspaper on Thursday.

Hong Kong police responded to the complaint on Thursday by explaining that the lights were installed to prevent illegal smuggling. They added that they would discuss with relevant government departments technical options for adjusting the lights at certain times as to not disrupt nearby households.

The 5.6 km-long patrol area, which was equipped with high-intensity light, was still in its test stage before the start of its official use on June 10. The lights would come on between 6 pm to 6 am the following day and would be adjusted according to the actual needs for a practical environment. Hong Kong police said they received three calls from two Shenzhen residents so far since the test started in May. But not all of Shenzhen residents are happy with the explanation from Hong Kong police.

"I came home one night and it was so brightly lit I actually thought the place was on fire," Southern Metropolis Daily quoted a Shenzhen resident, surnamed Tang, as saying. Tang, who lives in Futian district, said he was unable to sleep at night because such strong light shone through his curtains. He added that he could not even watch television due to the glare.