Official suspended after nightclub message

Updated: 2013-05-24 16:24

By Zhang Yan (

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An official was suspended from his post in Henan province after thousands of netizens forwarded a photo of a nightclub using an electronic display to send him a message of welcome.

According to a widely circulated micro blog posted on Tuesday, the nightclub in Zhengzhou displayed the message “Boss Zhang and Wang from Zhonghaihuaxue Chemical Holding Group sincerely welcome director Tian from Xiangcheng to Zhengzhou”.

The high-profile visit by an official to a nightclub immediately attracted interest among Internet users.

Though there are several bureau directors surnamed Tian, investigations by Zhoukou city, which administrates Xiangcheng, confirmed the official is Tian Hongzhi, deputy director of Xiangcheng city industry and commerce bureau.

He was removed from his job and placed under the investigation, said Zhoukou city industry and commerce bureau in a statement on Friday.