China urges to end violence in Syria

Updated: 2012-02-28 22:22


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GENEVA - China urged Tuesday in the United Nations human rights forum the government and all political parties of Syria to end violence, and called on various political factions in Syria to express their political aspirations through non-violent means under the rule of law.

"We urge the government and all political factions of Syria to immediately and fully end all acts of violence, and quickly restore stability and normal social order," Qi Xiaoxia, deputy head of the Chinese delegation to the 19th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), said during an urgent debate on the human rights situation in Syria.

"We call on the government of Syria to pay serious heed to the people's legitimate desire for reform and development," Qi said.

Qi said China condemns all acts of violence against innocent civilians.

She also stressed that the international community should fully respect Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, the independent choice of the Syrian people, as well as the result of political dialogue among various parties of Syria.

"We do not approve of armed intervention or forcing a so-called 'regime change' in Syria," she said.

Qi said China values the important role of Arab countries and the League of Arab States in seeking a political solution to the issue of Syria, and appreciates efforts made by Arab countries and the League of Arab States for a political solution to the Syrian issue.

"We support the position of Arab countries that violence should be stopped immediately, that civilians in Syria should be protected in real earnest, that humanitarian assistance should be given to Syria, and that external military intervention should be avoided," she said.

"We hope the Syrian issue will be resolved within the framework of the League of Arab States through political and peaceful means," Qi added.

Syrian human rights situation has been one of the top concerns for the four-week UNHRC which opened Monday.