Mandarin test debuts nationwide

Updated: 2011-12-26 08:05

By Li Yao and Wang Hongyi (China Daily)

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PSC: test of one's Mandarin articulation skills

Examinees read phrases and texts aloud or make a speech on given subjects to have the accuracy, clarity and speed of Mandarin pronunciation tested.

Mandatory: for teachers, TV or radio program announcers, actors, civil servants and university students.

Optional: for other people aged 18 or above. Chinese nationals residing outside the mainland and foreigners can also apply.

Conducted by: Mandarin Training and Evaluation Center under the State Language Commission. Telephone: 0551-2677300, 0551-2677500, 0551-2655300. Website:

Fees: decided by local exam organizers, 55 yuan ($8.7) in Beijing.

HSK: test of Mandarin skills of non-native speakers, including foreigners, overseas Chinese and Chinese minority groups

Contents: Listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking for those applying to study at Chinese universities or looking for jobs in China.

Certificates: issued to those who pass Basic, Medium and Advanced level tests, valid for two years from the date of the exam.

Conducted by: State Mandarin Evaluation Commission under the Ministry of Education. Telephone: 010-82303672, 010-82303048. Website:

Fees: 200 yuan for the basic level, more for advanced levels.

HNC: test of Chinese speakers' overall Chinese skills.

Who can apply: those wishing to test their Chinese level, including foreigners.

Certificates: issued to those achieving proficiency at levels 1 to 6.

Conducted by: National Education Examinations Authority

Telephone: 010-82520208, 010-82520322. Website:

Fees: None was charged during the pilot run on Dec 24.


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