Top 5 career destinations in emerging markets

Updated: 2016-11-21 06:53


Young people who would like to move abroad to advance their careers say US, UK and Canada would be their top destinations, according to a World Economic Forum survey released this month.

Around 20,000 millennials, aged 18-35, took part in the Global Shapers Annual 2016 Survey, which aims to gauge how young people see the world and what they want to do about it. Respondents from 187 countries and territories gave their views on issues related to business, economy, politics, technology and values.

Let us take a look at the top five destinations in emerging markets.



No 5 Argentina

Top 5 career destinations in emerging markets

Thousands of people holding banners and posters stage a protest to condemn violence against women in Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina on June 3, 2016.[Photo/IC]

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