New China-led bank 'will be inclusive'

Updated: 2016-01-29 07:52

By Fu Jing(China Daily Europe)

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 New China-led bank 'will be inclusive'

Jin liqun, president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, says the inauguration of the bank is just the first step in a long journey and the most important thing is to turn plans into reality by meeting the infrastructural demands of countries in need. [Photo by Fu Jing / China Daily]

President of AIIB says Beijing will not use veto power and pledges 'lean, clean and green' governance

Jin Liqun often starts work at 7 am and leaves the office at 7 pm. After a grueling day's work, he has dinner and walks for an hour in a park beside his Beijing home.

And he is still not done. He then burns the midnight oil, reading documents before bed.

No wonder travel provides some relief. The 67-year-old says he retires to his hotel room soon after the day's work is done and indulges in what he calls a luxury: Adequate sleep.

"Having enough sleep is crucial to staying healthy while working under tremendous work pressure," said Jin, president of the newly established 57-member Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank during a recent interview with China Daily at the annual meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos.

While preparing for the launch of China-led AIIB, Jin says he read every word in all the documents written by experts and gave his opinion.

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