CDB: an in-depth study that earns interest

Updated: 2013-10-17 17:24

By Zou Lixing (

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Since its founding, CDB has seriously performed its functions and carried out some effective works to accelerate the balanced development among regions, guarantee national economic security, strengthen national economic competitiveness and promote the development of public welfare undertakings, thus playing an important role in promoting the implementation of major national strategies.

For example, CDB greatly supported the extension of emergency loans such as for earthquake relief, the "going global" strategy performed by enterprises on energy resources, the strategies of Western Development, revitalization of northeast old industrial bases and rise of Central China implemented by the State. It also supported the construction of rural infrastructure, growth of small and medium enterprises, housing for low and medium-income families, financial aid to students and training for migrant workers. In a word, CDB always devotes itself to steady and rapid economic development either in adversities or favorable situations. Therefore, it has become an important means for the government to regulate and control the economy.

The reform and growth of CDB has been closely connected with the reform, opening-up and economic development of China, full of explorations, practices and difficulties. Many bottleneck restrictions are imposed on the market system, infrastructure and social development in China as a transitional economy. In these years, CDB has actively explored and developed the theories and practices on development-oriented finance with Chinese characteristics, to tackle bottleneck problems in economic development, hence achieving outstanding results.

By combining government targets with market mechanisms, development-oriented finance has been proved to be an important tool to solve such bottleneck problems and speed development in China. In the meantime, it is also an important way for China to follow the road to a characteristic socialism market economy. The targets of theories and practices on development-oriented finance are to seek an effective way to combine finance and government, finance and society, finance and economy, and finance and the market, and to boost the overall progress and coordinated development of economy and society by means of mechanism, system and market construction.

The cores lie in system building, institutional improvement, market construction and credit construction, while, the basic features of development-oriented finance theories are innovation, development and finance. Such theories and practices not only aim to deal with the financing problem in the medium and long-term construction, more importantly, they would speed up the construction of system, market and credit, bring more energy into the market and create conditions for achieving national strategic objectives. In addition, the comrades of CDB seriously summarize the experiences and laws in the practices and explorations, draw wisdom and strength from practices and explorations, and constantly learn, practice and explore again and again in the changing situations, which is very significant..