CDB: an in-depth study that earns interest

Updated: 2013-10-17 17:24

By Zou Lixing (

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CDB: an in-depth study that earns interest

The book, Development-Oriented Finance and Sustainable Development in China. [Photo / Provided to]

China's development has been very fast, and for good reasons. As a government institution specializing in development-oriented finance, China Development Bank (CDB) has combined advanced international financial theories with China's practical conditions and has done remarkably well in removing financing bottlenecks, establishing market credit systems, and ensuring faster and better economic and social development. Its practice and theory in development-oriented finance represents a major distinctive feature of China's socialist market economy.


CDB: an in-depth study that earns interest

The author of the book, Zou Lixing, vice-president of the Institute of Research, China Development Bank 

This book, written in the setting of great history, great change and great challenge, contains a systematic study of the theory and practice of development-oriented finance that has evolved along with China's reform and opening up, and an in-depth analysis of the ideological basis, theoretical contents, operating principles and innovative development of Chinese-style development-oriented finance. Hopefully, the publication of this book will promote further discussions and research on China's modern economic and financial systems, and in turn the sustainable development of the Chinese economy and the world economy at large.

The book, a rare monograph on development-oriented finance, is prefaced by Jiang Zhenhua, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Fluent in writing and simple and explicit in explanation, the book is suitable both for economic workers and for college teachers and students.

It is justified for China to enjoy a rapid development. CDB, regarded as the only development-oriented financial institution of the Chinese government, has combined the world's advanced financial theories with China's realistic situations, thus forming the theory and practice of development-oriented finance through removing economic barriers of financing, enhancing the establishment of a market credit system and supporting the smooth and rapid development of economy and society. All of the above reflect some vital characteristics of China's socialist market economy.

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