E-commerce niche: Just handbags and suitcases

Updated: 2011-11-02 07:56

By Zhan Weike (China Daily)

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E-commerce niche: Just handbags and suitcases

During this year's China International Fashion Week that began on Oct 24 in Beijing, leading domestic handbag e-commerce company Maibaobao debuted its high-end collection from the brand Jamie Moore by its chief designer James Moore from the United States.

"From the standpoint of Maibaobao, we want to be trend-setters" instead of just "following the trend", Moore said.

With a background in leatherwork, he is interested in mixing different materials.

But this season's collection shown on stage highlighted not just materials, but also bold use of various colors in a wide range that dazzled the audience.

That is an inspiration from his China tours, especially to different ethnic groups, who traditionally like bright colors. "I love the unusual things that (usually) don't mingle together," he said. "This is diverse."

The US designer, who was brought up in Germany and received training at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, said before art, he loves history.

"Quite naturally, I fit very well here in China," he said. "I hope to learn more about Chinese culture and to see how to incorporate it into some fashionable works from global perspective."

Compared with US and European markets, where brands have more influence on purchase decisions, Moore said Chinese consumers are more open to accepting something new.

"You're going somewhere for something not just because the name of LV is on it," he said. "Here you're going somewhere if you like it. It doesn't matter what the brand is."

"None of my peers can judge the work," he said. "It is everyday girls I design for that are the judge."

Moore said he was impressed at Chinese women's innocence. "I was here 10 years ago when things just started."

"As more and more fashion comes in, they become less and less innocent," the designer said. "It is interesting to see how they grow along with fashion."

The show is another move in Maibaobao's international branding strategy.

To expand its brand influence internationally, it opened its Tokyo branch in 2010 and has established a research center in Venice, Italy this year. Following its English website that went online last year, its official Japanese website began operations in July.

James Moore's participation adds weight to Maibaobao's internationalization efforts. "The company's energy and openness allows me to express my creativity and personality here," Moore said.

"Maibaobao does not just hire a foreigner to be a face," he said, adding that they hire people that have the experience and the energy to become what they plan to be. "They really want to grow."

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