French warplanes strike new IS targets in Syria

Updated: 2016-01-04 09:40


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PARIS - France's fighter jets destroyed overnight a new target of Islamic State (IS) in Aleppo city, east of Syria, French defense ministry said on Sunday.

Four Rafale warplanes equipped with long range standoff cruise missiles struck, in coordination with coalition forces, the group's weapons depot and a site of home-made bombs, the statement added.

"This raid contributes to weakening Daech's logistical and military capacity in the fighting zone," the ministry said.

In September 2015, France joined U.S. -led coalition military offensive against IS in Syria where French warplanes conducted waves of air strikes targeting training camps which, according to French officials, export terrorists to attack French interests.

In addition to the military option, officials in Paris were also involved in Syria negotiations to end peacefully the crisis and are promoting talks of political transition in the country.