New York court holds hearing in trial for fugitive ex-Chinese official

Updated: 2015-06-10 16:39


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New York court holds hearing in trial for fugitive ex-Chinese official

Two Chinese fugitives accused of graft are escorted from Laos to Beijing in March. The crackdown on suspects who have fled overseas shows China's intolerance for corruption. [Photo/Xinhua]

All of the fugitives are subject to worldwide Interpol arrest warrants.

The 77 men and 23 women on Interpol's red notice list are primarily former government functionaries whose cases involve very substantial amounts of money.

The latest phase of the campaign to repatriate corruption suspects, codenamed Sky Net, was launched in March.

China is currently enjoying increased willingness from other countries to help. Over the past few years, China has worked hard to break down barriers to extradition and judicial cooperation.

Law enforcement cooperation with the United States, Canada and Australia, three preferred destinations for runaway corrupt Chinese officials, is progressing.

In June 2013, China and Canada reached agreement on sharing and returning recovered assets, China's first special agreement on the issue.

In October 2014, China and the United States agreed to do more to investigate, trace, freeze, retrieve and return stolen assets.

Also in October 2014, Australia said it would help China pursue fugitive suspects and stolen assets.

The US Department of Homeland Security stated in April that it planned to simplify the repatriation process for Chinese fugitives.


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