Amtrak train crashes in Philadelphia, wreckage 'pretty bad'

Updated: 2015-05-13 10:27


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PHILADELPHIA - An Amtrak passenger train has crashed in Philadelphia, and several people appear to be injured.

Train 188 was traveling from Washington, D.C., to New York City on Tuesday night when it crashed.

The front of the train was going into a turn when it shook.

An Associated Press employee on the train says it appears the train went off the tracks. Paul Cheung says he was fortunate to be at the back of the train and the front of it "looks pretty bad."

Police swarming the Port Richmond area where the crash occurred are telling people to get back.

Former Congressman Patrick Murphy was on the train and says he has been helping people. He has been tweeting photos of firefighters helping people in the wreckage.

Amtrak hasn't returned a call seeking comment.