Japan should have responsible attitude: spokesman

Updated: 2013-01-19 19:28


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BEIJING - China has called on Japan to have a responsible attitude in order to benefit the stability and development of Asia, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on Saturday.

Qin made the remarks when commenting on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's press conference on his country's policy toward the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) during his tour in Jakarta on Friday.

According to Qin, Asia is a colorful and dynamic region featuring many cultures and the co-existence of various social systems.

"We have always advocated to respect diversity in the region for peaceful co-existence, harmonious interdependence, as well as openness and inclusiveness for common development among Asian countries," he said.

On land and sea disputes, China "has always advocated to resolve issues between relevant countries through bilateral dialogue and by peaceful means," he said.

"This is also the consensus of Asian countries," he stressed.

During Abe's recent tour, the Japanese PM talked about his country's policy towards ASEAN, in which he touched on such topics as universal values, protection of the seas, and Asia's diverse cultures and traditions.